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HTML5 ads technical requirements

Prepare your project by following the following requirements:

  1. The maximum allowed number of characters in the HTML code is 65 000;

  2. JavaScript and CSS are preferable to place inside the HTML code of the banner; If the resulting HTML code exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed, then the code should be reduced by rendering JavaScript and CSS into separate files: save js and css code in separate files with the extension .js or .css;

  3. In the project there can be only one file with the extension .html;

  4. The maximum number of files allowed in the project is 50;

  5. Allowed file types in the project: css, js, html, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, svg, json, flv, mp4, ogv, ogg, webm, avi, swf, otf, ttf, abf, acfm, gdr, Etx, eot, fnt, fon, mf, ttc, woff;

  6. The total weight of the creative and all uploaded files - up to 500Kb;

  7. The maximum size of each file individually (also applies to files inside the archive):

    - 300Kb;

    - 3Mb for video files;

  8. File names must contain only numbers or letters of the English alphabet, the underscore character. It is not allowed to use Russian letters, spaces, quotes and special characters in the file name;

  9. You can not use Russian letters in the names of variables and objects. The only exception is text on the banner;

  10. The format of the finished project - zip archive;

  11. If you create a banner without using editors, you need to use the macros to go to the reference %reference%@%user1%, instead of %reference%.

  12. The creative should be correctly displayed in browsers Internet Explorer 9 and above, Firefox 14 and above, Safari 6 and above, Chrome 14 and above, Opera 12 and above, Yandex.Browser 14 and above, Microsoft Edge 13 andabove.

If the creative is done in popular HTML5 editors, you should follow the instruction on the page.